Lady is in the emergency hospital in Niceville. I found her this morning at 5 laying in the hallway, not able to stand up or willing to. She is hanging her head sideway to the left. A quick examination came up with a possible inner ear infection. Not standing up due to dizziness.

She is on an IV now and will get further examination and blood test later on.

Pray for Lady and me — I am devastated. Lady beautishop

16 Responses to “Lady”

  1. We have our paws crossed and our two legged ones are saying a prayer. We hope Lady comes through and returns home to you and her home. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

    Bella, Beth, Nala, Roxie and Mogley G. Retriever

  2. OlRedHair says:


    I am so, so very sorry for your dear sweet Lady. I know how much you love her. You are doing everything you can. Trust in the Lord.

  3. I have come over from Mogley’s blog to let you know that we’ll keep your precious girl in our prayers and hope that she’s able to come home soon to you!!

  4. Holly says:

    Praying for both you and Lady….visiting from A Dog’s Life.

  5. Sheila & Bob says:

    We are so sorry to hear this news, Both Hamish & Sophie have paws crossed, and we are sending our love and prayers.

    Sheila, Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  6. Jodi says:

    Sorry to hear about Lady, I hope the IV full of great meds will have her back on her feet in no time!

    Meanwhile, I will add Lady (and you) to the prayer list.

  7. Valerie Robson says:

    Saying lots of prayers for Lady and sending healing light from all of us here. We love you and are thinking of you. Romeo and Charm and the Humans Valerie and Greg.

  8. Sophie says:

    Coming from Mogley’s blog. Thinking of you and sweet Lady. A prayer that today is bringing some good news for your girl baby.

  9. Cindee says:

    My golden girl Roxie and I have you and Lady in our thoughts! Rox was just sick for 2 weeks and I know how terrifying it is when your fur face is not doing well. Keep the faith that she will be ok and home soon.

  10. Kathy & the Furkin says:

    I am just now discovering this! My heart lurched reading about poor Lady. My prayers are going out that Lady will respond to treatment swiftly, that all those connected with delivering her medical care will be the best technicians Lady can get, that Lady will be back home and fully recovered soon. My and my furkin are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that all goes well. Sending love and positive thoughts of healing and strength!

  11. Ol Red Hair says:


    We are thinking of you today and sending Lady so many prayers and so much positive energy.

  12. Sheila & Bob says:


    Just checking in to see if their is any new information on Lady.
    you and Lady are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sheila & Bob

  13. Kathy & the Furkin says:

    Sending hugs and kisses to sweet Lady! Been thinking about your dear furgirl and you pretty much since reading your post. In my prayers, in my thoughts, in my heart…

  14. Hi Y’all,

    Our paws are crossed and soft roooos for Lady’s quick recovery.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  15. Tricia says:

    Lady looks like a sweet lady. We said a prayer for her return to good health. Tricia, Libby and Willow/Kid Rock

  16. Farley says:

    I’m sorry we are meeting under such sad circumstances. Mogley sent us over. Our prayer are with you and your beautiful Lady, for her health to be restored, and soon safe at home with you again!